Volcanoes in a Test Tube

When you think back to school, which are the lessons that stand out?  The ones that were fun!  The ones that included various learning experiences; namely seeing, doing, feeling and experiencing.

At Christ Church Preparatory School and College, we strive to make every lesson an experience not to be forgotten and we make sure that all of our pupils are fully engaged in the learning activity.

My favourite subject was always Science, especially Chemistry.  When learning about the layers of the Earth, you could either be taught in an environment where someone drills the layers into your head in rote form, or you could experience the excitement of the actual power of the Earth through fun experiments.

Our Grade 5 pupils are currently learning about the layers of the Earth, and during their lesson they were learning about volcanoes.  To assist in understanding the power of the Earth, they made test tube volcanoes.  This is a simple experiment requiring vinegar and baking soda, and it ensures that pupils never forget the fundamentals of the Earth’s makeup and have great fun in the process.

Well done to our staff and pupils for just another example of one of Christ Church Preparatory School and College’s explosive lessons.