Christ Church Preparatory School and College Visual Arts

As part of their Visual Arts curriculum, the Grade 8s at Christ Church Preparatory School and College have been tasked with producing a silent film in the acting style of melodrama.

Melodrama is an extremely over-dramatic style of acting. This is distinguished by emphasised displays of emotions and gestures mixed with a variety of stereotypical characters. Emotions and gestures in melodrama are generally quite simple and absolutely over the top.

Melodrama comes from the phase ‘music drama’ – music is used to increase emotions or to signify characters.

Our first submission, containing a fantastic story line, camera angles and special effects was produced by Jenna Frost.

We are looking forward to viewing other submissions from our pupils during the course of the week.  Thank you to Deborah Da Cruz – Subject Head for Dramatic Arts – for her continued hard work and support of our pupils.

Written and compiled by
Dawn Schmitz
School Marketing