Christ Church Preparatory School and College changes into 4th gear and zooms ahead

From tomorrow, Wednesday 1 July, Christ Church Preparatory School and College will be running on all cylinders again as we welcome back our 4th group of pupils to campus.

Although we will be continuing with parallel teaching in order to accommodate our pupils with comorbidity issues who cannot return to school at this time, all but one grade will officially be back on campus from tomorrow, 1 July. Gr 000 will return next week.

Despite the fact that the campus environment has changed considerably in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations, it is wonderful to hear the sounds of teaching and laughing taking place within the school classrooms and corridors again.  Life is slowly returning to a semblance of normal, and our pupils are feeling more confident now that they have had training and understand the dangers, as well as how to safeguard against them.

All sporting and cultural activities are still being taught online in order to ensure our pupils’ safety.

Thank you to all our staff, parents and pupils for their support and assistance during our online teaching programme.  Christ Church Preparatory School and College managed to turn the school into a fully online learning site, and back again, with very few problems.  We are exceptionally proud of all our stakeholders for adapting so efficiently to the new normal.  Without your dedication and commitment, none of our efforts would have been fruitful.

Written by
Dawn Schmitz
School Marketing