Sports and Culture during Lockdown

We are now into our second month of our ‘schooling from home’ sports and culture programme. Effectively we are in Term 2 of our school calendar, therefore, we made sure that we continued with a sports and culture programme that would have taken place during a ‘normal’ Term 2. Weekly programmes have been sent to pupils and interaction on these programmes has taken place between coaches and pupils. While the current situation is far from ideal, I think it is prudent to thank both the sports and culture staff, as well as all the pupils and parents, for their ongoing efforts and commitment to the sports and culture programme, particularly under the most difficult circumstances.

The sports and culture staff is planning extensively for any eventuality to ensure that we keep on track with our strategic vision for the school’s sports and culture programme, despite this undesirable position we find ourselves in, but we do know that we need to meet these extraordinary times with extraordinary action.

We are currently working on various exciting initiatives and challenges for our pupils such as ‘The Lockdown Talent Show’ and a sports programme called ‘Connect with Goals’. Be on the lookout for these exciting, upcoming events.

Written by
Mr. Alviro Petersen
Director: Sport and Culture (All phases)

Ethan Chikwata (Grade 4) busy with his home soccer programme and Tevez Gengiah (Grade 6) shooting at goals as part of the Christ Church Prep home schooling soccer programme. It’s good to see them having some fun!